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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I am glad to share my passion for photography with you and I hope you will enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy every aspect of bringing them to you.


My interest in photography started in my early 20's with a simple class, followed by many hours of developing black & white photographs in a makeshift darkroom in my apartment. Work, life, and raising children got in the way of this interest for many years...until a few years ago.


My passion for photography has quickly developed over the past few years and as a self-taught professional, I have come to enjoy digital post-processing and editing as much as taking the pictures. My goal is to share with you my personal interpretation of what I see through the camera lens.


All my photographs can be purchased directly from this site. I am also happy to discuss any of your specific requirements that may not be offered here. Your questions, comments, and feedback are critical to me so please feel free to send me your message on my Contact page.


Bassam Sabbagh

I will need some professional pictures of myself on Facebook and other places Can do this when I get back to montreal from Florida in a couple of weeks. Tel 514 497 3638. Cell. Miami 3053105544. Thanks Peter.
Peter, thank you for your message and interest. When you are ready to plan the detaoils, please contact me on my "Contact" page.

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